Maxwell James Rocks with “Feed My Evolution”

CHILLFILTR calls Maxwell James “Americana at its best!” The Farsighted calls Maxwell James “one of Nashville’s best kept secrets.” Grungecake says “Maxwell James is a grand story teller with a voice indicative of what the greats have possessed.” Clearly, there’s something to this guy.

His latest 5 track EP is a fantastic blend of folk, indie, blues, and alternative with influences as far reaching as classic country, Delta Blues, 90s grunge, and modern pop. Call it Americana or call it whatever you want. Whatever you call it, it’s enjoyable, emotional, and full of beautiful stories and ideas.

This week, I present to you on of my two favorite tracks on the EP. Along with the bluesy album opener, “Roll Down Your Window Slowly”, this latest single entitled “Feed My Evolution” is James at his most rock and/or roll. And, at my heart, I’ll always be most drawn to powerful rock music. His soulful voice provides a smoothing element for this grungier alternative track that is, perhaps, the EP’s most powerful track. In other words, it’s a perfect blend of all of the styles mentioned above, but with that emphasis on the rock.

The songs on the EP vary from these rockier tracks to straight up country and softer ballads. All of the tracks really work, but I have no qualms with telling everyone reading this that I love James most when he’s in the blues rock zone. This is what you get here with “Feed My Evolution”. So without further ado, here’s your track of the week from Rock on Philly.

With tours in the works, let’s clamor and yell until we get James up to Philly to share his “Americana” with the City of Brotherly Love.

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