Slowing It Down with Gideon King & City Blog’s “Upscale Madhouse”

I tend to like my music loud, often upbeat, and in the rock and hip hop varieties. However, I have always had a subset of favorite tracks and album that represent a more chill side of my musical appetites. Sometimes, it’s the singer/songwriter stylings of someone like Philly’s amazing musical storyteller Denison Witmer. Other times, I head into the archives of Morcheeba’s earlier albums, which have always had a relaxing effect on my psyche. Then, there are those moments where smooth jazz and easy listening just feel right – in fact, these moments feeling more common as I grow older and more contemplative. Sometimes, I just need music that is easy to flow in and out of – music that is as inoffensive and soothing as possible.

It’s this type of music that is often grouped together as “adult contemporary” and is something that virtually no one really hates. We may not all love the B101s of the world, but they tend to have their role in our lives. As we drive up the road to NYC to meet Gideon King & City Blog, it is this smooth and easy vibe that we will fist encounter.

Make no mistake about it, Gideon King is a musical genius in many ways. The songs on his upcoming album are extremely well written and the instrumentation – both his and the rest of the City Blog band’s – is tight. To call this music easy listening, adult contemporary, or just plain old inoffensive is not mean as a slight to it. It’s not easy to make songs feel this easy, but that what Gideon King & City Blog does. Their latest single, “Upscale Madness” is a perfect example of how Gideon and the band use a variety of influences from things like Steely Dan to their local NYC jazz fusion sound to create something that can simultaneously be easy on the ears and be a work of really intricately designed art.

Without further ado, enjoy my track of the week. “Upscale Madhouse” from Gideon King & City Blog.

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