The League of One: Canadian Metalheads Rock Your Face Off with DISPATCH

What do you get when you combine classic hard rock ala Black Sabbath, 80s thrash like Megadeth, hair metal, the nu-metal styling of System of a Down, and a healthy love for prog-rock like Rush? You get a sound that is both unique and familiar… the sound that defines the latest release of Canada’s The League of One – Dispatch.

Real metalheads will find in The League of One a band with all of the necessary chops to get them banging their head. Their riffs are tasty, the rhythm session thumps, and the vocals range from gritty (“Antz”) to soaring (“I Get Around”). There’s a healthy amount of aggressive metal moments here, as well as that playful and fun attitude that defined the 80s metal scene.

Radio rockers will be pleasantly surprised at how melodic and radio friendly the sound of The League of One is, as well. While the metalhead will bang their head, there’s a smoother and easier to digest feeling to this album than many other metal acts. In keeping with this easy to enjoy sound, their prog-rock leanings feel far more Rush-inspired than they are akin to the less accessible sound of bands like Dream Theater. Melodic songwriting takes center stage throughout this album.

Their three singles off this album all have separate and distinct flavors. As noted above, their latest single – “Antz” – is a bit crunchier and grittier vocally. The chorus of this one feels very much like a classic Metallica track. The verses remind me of the goofier side of Mastodon, while the bridge has some truly crazy guitar riffing.

The other two singles are “Wax Museum” and “Working Man’s Band” – the album’s opening and closing tracks, respectively. “Wax Museum” (embedded above) is a pitch perfect opener, upbeat flow and driving beats. “Working Man’s Band” (embedded below) has a blues-rock feel and feels like something Poison could easily have scored a big hit with. Both have distinctly different flavors, but both work in the construct of this diverse rock album.

Any album with lyrics that quote Encino Man – “weezing the juice”, to be specific – is surely not taking itself overly seriously. That fun-loving mentality blends in with the trio’s strong musical chops to create an album that is really hard to hate and really easy to enjoy. Fans of everyone from Judas Priest to Slipknot to Stryper to Zeppelin really should check out this release.

Grab the album at Bandcamp today or check out more from The League of One below:


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