A Chat with Hobo Johnson [Interview]

Frank Lopes was met with an overwhelming amount of love when he stepped out from behind backstage on Sunday at Made in America.  Mixed chants like “Frank,” “Hobo,” even the occasional “Look! There he is!” and “I love you!” filtered through the air. Lopes sweetly meets and takes photos with fans until it’s his cue to go on.

Lopes, aka Hobo Johnson, is joined by his band “The Lovemakers,” the band was just wrapping their first tour up before they came to Philly – and all the dates were sold out.  Lopes says they’re still trying to “get the hang of things,” when it comes to keeping up with life on the road, but “not drinking a lot of beer” seems to be the most common response to sustainability on tour.  He listens to “Bright Eyes and The Front Bottoms” on long drives.

We take a moment to chat about our mutual love for The Front Bottoms, who Lopes played a handful of shows with in June.

I told Lopes when I first met him that he was the person I was most excited to talk to, which I was met with “What! No way.”  Going into the interview I had a plan, I wanted to do Frank’s birth chart. I figured if anyone would be into it, it would be him.

“Let’s do it!”


“…But I don’t know my birth time. Let me call my mom really quick.”

I pulled up my favorite app while he found his birth time.

We quickly figured out his chart and went into it a little bit before sent him a copy of it. I told him what it meant to be a Gemini Rising, a little finicky, but someone who never stops, and never settles. “I definitely resonate with the never settling part,” he told me.

His performance would be the one that wrapped up the weekend for the Skate Stage.  On stage, he is frantic, but confident (definitely a Gemini rising).  He evokes these same traits in the crowd he plays to.

Hobo Johnson and The Love Makers are set to head back out in October. “I’m probably most excited to be playing the Fillmore,” Lopes says, to which I, (so desperately wanting everything to be about me/the city I live in) become wide-eyed and ask “the one in PHILLY?!”

“Haha, no, the one in California, the REAL ONE.” We both laugh.

Make sure you catch Hobo Johnson and The Lovemakers when they roll back through Philly and play the TLA on November 14th


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