Angsty Teenage Rockers American Amnesia Release YET HERE WE ARE

Born in NJ, living here in the Philly area, I have a lot of pride for the East Coast, especially in regards to music. NYC is the birthplace of hip hop. The North Jersey punk scene of the 90s bred some truly incredible tunes. Philly has such a rich musical heritage of its own. It feels good to be able to support these local scenes and it’s easy to have a lot of pride in the art created here in the Northeast.

So, when I stumble across a young band from Connecticut, in the greater NYC area, I feel a sense of obligation to at least check them out. It’s great to find out that a new group of talented teenage musicians from the East Coast has decided to give it their best go at sharing their art with the world. So, with that, I recently dove into American Amnesia’s Yet Here We Are.

The album opens with an aggressive track called “Time” that blends metal, grunge era alt-rock, and some modern pop sensibilities. The track opens with a brief acoustic guitar intro, then busts out in electric angst and fury.

From here the songs vary in tone, all using that same energy of the opener, but channeling it in different directions. The poppier “The One” feels a bit surf inspired at times and definitely feels a lot like one of the more pop oriented tracks from a band like Poison of Guns N’ Roses throughout. “Questions in the Dark” slows down the tempo and plays like an unreleased Alice in Chains or Soundgarden track.

A constant throughout the album that really draws out the metallic side of their sound is the voice of lead vocalist Patrick Nemaizer. His vocals are distinct and distinctly metal. It’s hard not to here the similarities to Axl Rose and the distinct Jerry Cantrell/Layne Staley dynamic between Nemaizer and drummer Sam Cesnak’s vocals. Whether you enjoy the vocals could be a make or break for some, but fans of strong hard rock vocalists should find a lot to love with his sound.

Check out their latest single, “Love U”, below and find out more about the band over at They’ll be in NYC later this month, so a quick drive up to the Big Apple could land you a chance to check out this young rock band before they blow up. Fans of good hard rock with energy and some teen angst will eat this album up.

Standout tracks: “Means to an End”, “The One”, “Time”

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