Floating Down the Schuykill on Ajay Mathur’s LITTLE BOAT

Released a few weeks ago, Ajay Mathur’s latest album, Little Boat, is the latest example of the Indian born Swiss based singer-songwriter’s diverse sounds and incredible talents. With guitar work reminiscent of classic rockers like Zeppelin, a heavy dose of exotic world instruments, and a vibe not too dissimilar from the psychedelic side of the Fab Four, Mathur is an example of the far more interesting and experimental side of the adult contemporary market.

Listening to this album as I drove through the city over the past few weeks, I had to do all I could not to close my eyes and picture myself in a relaxing voyage down the Schuykill River. While drifting off while driving would have been a bad idea, the serenity and peace that this album filled me with helped me get through grueling days of work. Popping the album on again once I got home, I spent some time several evenings in the past few weeks letting the music wash over me while relaxing in a hot bath or my favorite chair.

I’ll be the first to admit that this style of music isn’t always a go to. By its nature, it feels a bit unlike what I’d typically gravitate to. However, once I popped it in, I found the unique sound and equally unique vocals to be a truly pleasant change-up from the typical podcasts, harder rock, and hip hop that I tend to spend most of my time listening to. At times, the songs harken to classic David Bowie; while other times, I get the distinct 70s singer-songwriter vibe that I get from my mother’s favorite artist James Taylor. Yet, the songs always feel unique and extremely well crafted.

Seek out this album if you’re looking for pleasant daydreams of a relaxing ride down the Schuykill (or whatever river feels most appropriate for your particular time and place). You can start right here with the awesome lyric video to the title track, “Little Boat”.

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