Hatchie to Make a Stop in Philly [Interview]

Photo Credit: Alex Wall

Harriette Pilbeam, also known as Hatchie,  is a rising dream-pop superstar from Australia who embarked on a slew of US dates and will be making a stop in Philadelphia on September 29th and September 30th (a second show was added due to overwhelming demand) at Union Transfer. We were lucky enough to catch Hatchie in the midst of tour dates to have a little chat.

ROP: You’re about to leave for a US headlining tour and support dates for Alvvays and Snail Mail. Do you notice any differences in playing shows in the US versus playing shows in Australia?

HP: I don’t think we’ve played enough regular shows (ie not festivals) in the US to really notice a difference yet! I’m always surprised by how many people overseas sing along to my songs though, they seem to be less worried about being too cool to get really into singing and moving around at live shows, which I love.

ROP: Do you have any places that you’re looking forward to playing on this tour?

HP:I’m really excited to go everywhere but I would have to say Canada and San Francisco are my top picks!

ROP: Is there anything you’ve learned through touring that makes the experience more sustainable?
HP: I’ve learnt to make sure I always warm up before shows or I’ll ruin my voice. Also to not pig out on bad food or drink too much unless there’s a day off coming up or you’ll just burn out. Also, take time to yourself to recharge mentally.

ROP: Do you have any go-to albums that you listen to while you’re on tour?
HP:For me it always changes. Long flights and drives are the best time to listen to new albums I haven’t had the chance to sit down with at home, so usually I’m listening to whatever is new.

ROP: Hatchie has such a dreamy, distinct sound. Was this the vibe you were going for from the beginning or was it something that just happened? Did you have any inspirations while writing Sugar & Spice?

HP: I was aiming for that dreampop sound after I wrote Try and figured out that it would work nicely in that realm. Lyrically I was inspired by my own life experiences of the last few years, plus artists like Wild Nothing, New Order, Sky Ferreira, Cocteau Twins, Delays and The Sundays

ROP:Your music videos are such a perfect visual representation of your sound. How do you come up with the concepts for them?

HP: Thanks! My partner Joe Agius actually films, edits, and plans all of my videos. They’ve all been his ideas, I’ve just helped him execute them.

ROP:I feel like right now is such an amazing time for women in music. Do you have any advice for women who want to start writing music?

HP: My advice would be to fight against anybody opposing or doubting your ideas and abilities. Write as much as possible, on your own terms. Know that you are worthy and deserve to be heard. It’s definitely an amazing time for women in music but the industry has a long way to go. We all need to support other non-male artists not just privately but publicly!

ROP:Lastly, I saw you quote Jaden Smith’s tweet about being in the studio. Is there anything you can tell us about what’s next for you?

HP:I’m recording my album at the moment and I’ll have a single out by the end of the year!


The show on the 29th is already sold out, so don’t sleep on tickets for the show on the 30th. Already have your tickets? Let us know what Hatchie song you’re most excited to see live in the comments below!

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