Made In America 2018: Day 2 Recap

When Young Thug’s label mate Gunna took the stage at 2:00 PM on the Liberty Stage at the Benjamin Franklin Parkway on Sunday, you could feel that it was going to be more progressive than Saturday.

Sure Gunna is not a household name yet, but his ascension has been real. He sold out the TLA earlier this summer and Eagles comeback, Jalen Mills was even on stage during his set. His TLA set and his Made In America set definitely shared it’s similarities.

Both setlist’s were Drip Season 3 heavy, ignoring almost all of his earlier work. He played his favorite song, Lil Baby’s “Freestyle” midway between both and both sets were filled with people that knew the majority of his songs word for word. He also played his feature on Travis Scott’s “Yosemite”, which just came out recently, and the crowd lost it. It’s possible that the second day of Made In America reached it’s peak that early on in the day.

Directly after Gunna’s set I sprinted down the parkway towards the Tidal Stage where I caught the majority of Maxo Kream’s 2:30 set. Maxo has been around for a while now and still hasn’t really caught his breakthrough. Even though he’s one of the best storytelling rappers and is so technically gifted, many people have still yet to even pick up his most recent Punken album, to give it a spin.

Even though Maxo’s crowd wasn’t the biggest, it packed a punch. Everybody there was so grateful to be hearing his music and when he instructed the crowd to open the mosh pit up, that they did. This was one of my favorite performances so far, and it definitely wins the award for craziest mosh pit.

Things got a little tricky at this point of the festival. Lil Skies came on at 3:00 and and Ty Dolla Sign came on at 4:00 when the the official set time schedule had it listed the other way around. This was enough to make one teenage girl so mad in front of me that she was literally about to cry when she found out she missed Lil Skies.

Photo by Kenzie Gasper

But there was another slightly older woman who almost passed out next to me when Ty Dolla Sign came out. She also asked to climb on my shoulders to get a better view and was having the time of her life. I don’t even think she knew about his microphone issues the entire set. So someone at least enjoyed it.

The surprise performance of the day was A$AP Twelvy’s, by far. He brought his A$AP Mob brother, A$AP Ant out. Who is in the middle of a bit of a career resurgence and performed his hit song “Diamond Dust” that’s been getting a lot more traction lately since putting Hoodrich Pablo Juan on the remix. They also performed multiple hits from the Mob’s, Cozy Tapes series.

From there I checked out Hobo Johnson’s set who a lot of concert goers were telling me, I should check out and I’m glad I did. His music really has that “feel good” vibe to it, and I’ve been listening to him a bit ever since.

Photo by Kenzie Gasper

If I could change one thing about this years Made In America Festival it would be distributing the talent more evenly across the two days. I would also knock Sunday’s temperature down about ten points. But I’m not in charge of the festival.

I thought that I may not want to go to any more Made In America’s after this one. I’m getting older and there is a lot of youth at the festival. I thought maybe I’d envy that youth but the opposite ended up happening. I fed into it and I can’t wait to go back next year.


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