ALIEN COUNTRY Brings Science Fiction to Country Music

When an artist can somehow bring to mind the classic country and folk stylings of Dwight Yoakam and Neil Young, while also invoking Rush-like science fiction inspired instrumentation and lyrics, the result is surely something something that must be heard to be believed. Singer-songwriter Liam Torres does just that, blending his love for Americana music with his love for the sci-fi genre.

Alien Country’s latest album, Like My Life Depends On It, finds a way to seamlessly work in space rock riffs and a theremin into otherwise his fun and energetic country jams. Some songs use the sci-fi motif more than others, but all of them capture a unique and enjoyable feeling. Whether invoking a Star Trek like journey or an earthy ride through the country fields, Alien Country is nothing is not a good time, which is what Liam is shooting for.

Above all, my music is fun and my fans say it makes them happy. At the end of the day, that’s all that matters to me.

It’s clear that he’s successful in reaching this goal and his music is certainly not like anything else you’ve listened to in the modern country world. It may not be for everyone, but you may be one of the folks who really appreciate it – especially if the idea of Neil Young fronting Rush sounds like fun to you.

Check out Alien Country on Facebook, where Liam and his sci-fi country explosion have a thriving interactive fan base. And, check out his single “Reality Check” below!

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