Can You Escape the Clutches of the CUBICLE ZOMBIE?

From the desolate wilderness just North or Boston Massachusetts, Weather McNabb prepares for another battle with the dark forces of the dead. However, these ghouls forego the screams of “Braaaaaaaains!” and instead groan about their need for “Coffeeeeeeee!” The zombies that McNabb must prepare for are a different type, these zombified masses come not from the graveyard, but instead the cube farms. Have you ever encountered the terrifying Cubicle Zombie?

Of course, we kid. This isn’t some horror story in the traditional sense, but for many the daily 9-5 grind is a nightmare in and of itself. While it’s not exactly a horror laden album, it seems pretty clear from the songs that Weather McNabb has no desire to get stuck as one of the cubicle zombies. Her fervor, her strength, and her passion, these are what set her apart… these are what ensures she’ll never count herself amongst the living dead.

This 5 song EP marks the debut of Weather McNabb and the beginning of her takeover of the world. With the angsty flavor of Shirley Manson, the biting lyrics of Fiona Apple, and production value rivaling Tricky, this is alternative rock meets the singer/songwriter aesthetic done as well as anyone.

While the entire EP flows great and hits perfectly, my current track du jour is “Adapt”. Had you asked last week,my answer may have been different, though. This speaks to the strength of all 5 tracks, as it’s easy for any of the 5 to rank as the best on any given day. “Adapt” feels very inspired by the likes of Fiona Apple, Alanis Morissette,and Ani DiFranco. Her vocals really shine and the song packs a gut punch in the way very few modern artists in this particular alternative genre seem to today.

From start to finish, this is a great debut and it’s hard to see a scenario where this talented lady from the Boston area by way of Minnesota doesn’t start to blow up post haste. Her sound is equally easy to enjoy and unique. It challenges, while also having extremely powerful pop sensibilities. Here’s hoping she comes through our fair City of Brotherly Love soon!

Stream the EP in full via Spotify or Soundcloud.

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