Nick Brings THE UNDERGROUND THIEVES Home to Philly

Nick Perri, known by many from his time in Philly’s own Silvertide, is coming back to town when his band The Underground Thieves open for Slash this week! We were able to catch up with him late last week about the upcoming show. Thanks to Ian Bardecki for the great photos used throughout this interview.

Hey Nick, first and foremost, thanks for the chat. Let’s start with the basics… who’s Nick Perri and how may folks know you?

Hey, thanks for having me. I’m a son, a husband, a father, and a spiritual being. Also, a guitarist, singer, songwriter, producer and bandleader. I could write a novel about my journey and one day I may, but for now, let’s say that I’m extremely grateful to make music for a living and I’ve been doing so since the age of 16 – starting with my first band, Silvertide. I occasionally will go out and play for other folks (Perry Farrell, my sister Christina Perri, Jimmy Gnecco, Dorothy, etc) but my main focus is my own original music. The Underground Thieves were launched in January and it’s been a bucket-list journey and I’m having a blast. Big band (8-piece, currently) organ, 4 part harmonies. I’m loving it. It’s bluesy, soulful and makes me happy.

While on tour you’re gonna get to open for Slash, how’s that come about? Excited?

Very. I’ve known Slash since I was a teenager and he’s always been very kind and supportive. My old band Silvertide did a lot of touring with Velvet Revolver and I can’t wait to share a stage with him again.

In terms of the tour, how have the crowds been? Any dates that really stood out for you?

All have been wonderful.

On October 10th, you’ll be coming home to our fair city. Excited to get back to Philly? What are you most excited for?

Philly is home. I don’t live here anymore but it will always be home. The atmosphere in the room during any hometown show is just electric. So to be returning with the new band and be doing such a big show is a real treat.

Growing up in the Philly area, who were some of your favorite local acts? Do you have any specific memories that jump out at you in regards to concerts and shows you saw when you were coming up?

Sure. Pepper’s Ghost was my favorite band. And a couple of those guys (Michael & Anthony Montesano) are now part of The Underground Thieves. So it’s a really wonderful thing. I’m on Cloud 9!

How about now, both here and nationally, who are some lesser known acts folks need to look out for?

Up and coming in Philly? Hmmm, I don’t know so much. It’s been a long time since I lived here, steadily. But I’m currently listening to The War On Drugs (which everyone knows) First Aid Kit, Jared James Nichols, Blackberry Smoke, Dorothy, and Rival Sons.

Besides music, what are some of your favorite things to do? How do you spend your down time on tour?

I love bass fishing! But I rarely get to do it. So I mostly play guitar and write songs and chase gear. I’m a vintage gear enthusiast. Also, I’m a Dad. So that always comes first.

So, some people reading this may be thinking about coming out to see you. What should they expect?

A real authentic rock n roll show. It’s fun. We smile. We play music from the heart. It’s genuine. Nothing about this band is put on.

Where can fans find you on social media?

All the usual socials when searching The Underground Thieves. And of course – join the mailing list!

Thanks again for hanging out for a few. Keep rocking and repping great city! Any final thoughts?

I’m so grateful to be here. Right here, right now. Thanks to all who have supported my journey. The best is yet to come.

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