NYC Composer Patrick Grant Drops the Perfect Soundtrack for October

The first info I see is the album title, FIELDS AMAZE and other sTRANGE music. I immediately found myself intrigued. Next, I read Grant’s brief description of the album:

FIELDS AMAZE and other sTRANGE music is music created for percussion, gamelan, microtonal instruments, and electric chamber ensembles with narrative structures informed by chaos theory, biological forms, and B-horror films.

The re-released album dropped last week. 20 years ago, it received some pretty high praise from the likes of the Village Voice. Growing out of Grant’s work with Philip Glass and Looking Glass Studios, Grant recorded the bizarre, diverse, and interesting blend of music with a group of extremely talented musicians in 1997. He released it on his own label, Strange Music, in 1998. Pressing play the first time was like entering a whole new world.

As a lover of horror films, piano based rock tunes, and DIY ethic, I have naturally fallen in love with this album in short time. The chaotic spirit of improv jazz and the frantic instrumentation drive this album to be something that is far different than most instrumental albums I’ve experienced. Moreover, once you think you kind of have the overall flow figured out in your head; it jumps in a totally different direction. With songs that jump from John Carpenter-esque score tracks to Danny Elfman-style compositions, it’s not hard to be reminded of both classic Peter and the Wolf compositions and the Halloween theme in the same song.

To break it down track by track would be a disservice to the overall experience of the album as a whole. Yet, I would be remiss if I didn’t note that my favorite compositions are “Keeping Still” and “Imaginary Horror Film – Part 1”. The “remixed, remastered, and reimagined” edition of the 20 year old musical oddity is the perfect soundtrack to your October. Check the album out below and head to Bandcamp for your copy if you find yourself appreciating it as much as I do.

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