Take a Break from Halloween Music with Scott Chasolen’s “Limbo”

Born and raised in my native North Jersey, Scott Chasolen is a singer/songwriter for fans of Ben Folds, James Taylor, piano led jazz and funk, Beck, and having a good time. His latest single veers off from his typically piano laced tunes, focusing more on a stripped down acoustic guitar sound. This isn’t to say there’s no piano or keyboard, but it’s safe to say that the track has a decidedly guitar led sound for most of the song.

His heart is on his sleeve and the catchy beauty of the track is infectious. It’s hard to turn this one off once you turn it on. So, don’t bother… just throw it on repeat for a little while and give yourself a brief break from you spooky metal, “Monster Mash”, and Misfits listening. It’ll probably put a nice smile on your face.

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