A Tale of Two Cities: Talking Philly with Atlanta’s NOCTURNAL ANIMALS

After hearing their music for the first time a few weeks ago, I have been regularly including Nocturnal Animals in my rotation. I decided to reach out to this fresh young band from Atlanta and they graciously gave me a few minutes to chat about their city, our city, their new album, and more.

Thanks for taking some time to chat, let’s start with introductions. Who are we talking to and what do you do in the band?

We are happy to answer your questions – this is Mason Jones, I sing and play guitar, Dawson Tucker, who is the lead guitarist and bassist, and Derrick Stephen, the drummer (“I hit things”).

Tell us a bit more about Nocturnal Animals as a band.

We are an alternative rock band that just wants to make people dance. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and we like to have a good time. We feel that we have good chemistry as a group and believe that shows through in our music and performances.

You guys are from Atlanta. I’ll be going down there for the first time in mid-November to be part of Buried Alive Film Festival. Can you tell me some cool placed I should check out, especially in regards to good places to eat, while I’m staying downtown for a few days?

Some our favorite spots are: Ton Ton at Ponce City Market for some excellent ramen, Midici’s for some really good Italian pizza, and Bones if you’re in the mood for a nice steak.

I believe this is your second release, with last year’s Dark Lit Places as your debut. Can you tell me a bit about these first few years as a band?

It’s been a slow progression with trying to find a permanent fourth member, but have finally decided to just stick to the three of us, for now. Plus, it has taken us some time to find our sound and direction as a group, but we now feel that we are headed in the right direction and we are excited about the future.

Have you been able to hit the road much yet? Have you made your way up the coast to the Northeast yet? I know there are lots of folks who’d love to experience your kind of energy here in Philly.

We have played shows in the Atlanta, Alpharetta, and Athens areas but would love to play in other parts of the country soon, we are trying to set up a show in Maine and trying to make connections to help us find the best places to play outside of Georgia. We are all from Georgia and haven’t had the opportunity to do much traveling yet.

When you get up here next you’ll need to hit us up and we’ll try to get out and support you. We’ve got some really great venues here. What are some of your favorite venues you’ve played in your city?

Some of our favorite venues are: The Vista Room, The Masquerade, and Hendershots.

Like I said earlier, I’m coming down for a film festival, notably one that plays horror films and other bizarro genre fare. Are any of you guys into movies? What are some of your faves?

We are huge movie fans! Dawson and Mason go to the movies at least once a week, and we all go to the movie theater together about once a month. Some of our favorite films are: Inception, Split, everything Marvel.

Before we start to wrap up, let me ask you another couple of questions focused on your city and ours. First, likely easier for you since you live there… who are some of the best musical acts in Atlanta?

A couple good local acts are CLOUDLAND and Glass House Point.

Now, let’s see what you know about our city… who are some of the your favorites, both now and all time, from the City of Brotherly Love?

Our favorites are Mo Lowda & the Humble and The Roots.

Great choices, thanks! So, let’s turn focus back to the new album. It came out a few weeks ago and seems to be gaining some steam. What are you personal favorite tracks… I know, I know, it’s like choosing a favorite child, but I promise I won’t hold you to your answers here, so just do your best.

If we absolutely had to pick…. we would probably agree on “Margot” and “Fever Dream”.

Where can folks get their hands… or, more importantly, their ears… on this new release?

The easiest places to access it would be Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and Google play, just to name a few.

Thanks. Any final thoughts?

Stay tuned to our social media for big announcements coming during the new year! We appreciate you reaching out and hope you enjoy Atlanta while you’re down here! We will be playing out in Athens on November 12th at Hedges, if you are headed that way, we would love to have you stop by!

Check out Dark Lit Places on Spotify and keep your eyes peeled for these young Southern lads coming up the coast in the near future!

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