Beards and Bands with ANDORRA at Bourbon & Branch

Turkey is great, but you are going to want something to do this weekend after the food coma is over. What could be better than a badass rock concert with the world premiere of an awesome new beard oil and proceeds going to CHOP? Not much!

Without further ado, here’s my chat with Kevin McCall of Philly rock outfit, Andorra! Read on for more on the band, the event, and their tunes:

Let’s start with the band. Who exactly is Andorra?

Andorra consists of Kevin McCall, Jordan Petrellis, Michael Trycieckyj and Dante DiLoreto. We all met through school at various points in our life. We consider ourselves a modern rock band. We have been playing together for about eight years now. The band plays extensively throughout Philadelphia assembling our own shows. This month, we were named WMMR’s Local Shots Artist of the Month.

Is it fair to assume y’all are from the Andorra section of town? If not, what’s up wit the name?

It is fair to assume, however, we are not from that area. We did name ourselves after the city/suburb though. When we were just starting off, we would hang in Andorra especially in the shopping center mainly for the Applebee’s and McDonald’s. Some of our friends from that area really brought us out of our shells. Andorra as a band name has helped us brand ourselves as the Philly band we always wanted to be.

I’m new to your music, so sell me on it a bit. In a few sentences tell us about your sound.

We released our Sophomore album What You Wanted What You Got, November 2017 so it’s turning 1 year old this month. The record reflects on our time as college students trying to adjust to new living arrangements. It is very much a “coming of age” story for us. The idea of home became the overarching theme of the record. This was the follow up to 2015’s etc, etc, etc…

Who are some of your biggest influences?

Lots of 90s alternative rock music, obviously. As of recent it has been a lot of classic rock. Queen, Rolling Stones, Prince. More modern rock bands that have influenced our sound range from Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, Death Cab for Cutie, Paramore, etc. Local bands, radio, and genre often play a part in our music too.

Well, today we’re talking specifically to promote an event you’ve got going on later this week. Tell us about this project.

This Saturday we play the Bourbon & Branch to celebrate the launch of our very own beard oil. We teamed up with Max Wengyn, owner of Broad Street Beard Co, and collaborated on this specific scent which is called the Andorra “Boozehound Signature” named after one of our songs off our recent album. It was a cool process, Max prepared about seven different scents for us to try which were made from natural oils. We ultimately decided on the one that had a pine oak, woodsy aroma. We figured it would be a fun thing to do ahead of the holidays. A new record and tour are in the works, but those things are taking time so to hold over our friends, fans, and family we thought this would be a great release. Best part is that proceeds go towards the CHOP Foundation.

As a beard wearer, I like me some good grooming products. What inspired this project for you guys, just a general fondess for facial hair or what exactly?

All of Andorra wear beards. We didn’t invent the rock band/beard combo, but we keep our facial hair tidy and groomed. We wanted to support our friend Max and the rest of Broad Street Beard Co so it made sense and it came together fairly quickly. It was a natural and easy partnership since we have been friends for so long. Long before the beard oil stuff, we wrote a song about Max that is a “hidden track” found at the end of our song “Still Got Me,” on our first record.

I can’t wait to check out your beard oil and dive more into your tunes. Before we wrap, let’s just remind everyone about Saturday and where they can grab your oil if they can’t make it out this weekend!

We will be selling our Andorra “Boozehound Signature” beard oils for the first time at Bourbon & Branch on November 24th with support from Leo Moon, Summer Scouts, evergo and the host, Radio 104.5 DJ Cole Selleck. Proceeds benefit the CHOP Foundation.

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