BROTHER BROTHER Delivers Their Brand of Neo-Folk Hip Hop to the Northeast

If you listen to Radio 104.5, Brother Brother is essentially the perfect new band for you. If you take that neo-folk/alt-rock sound that Mumford made extremely popular and Imagine Dragons have more recently made all their own, sprinkle in Twenty One Pilots and Watsky, put it in a blender with a touch of AWOLNATION, and press puree, the resulting smoothie is Tennessee’s Brother Brother.

Released last year, their debut album, The New Kids, really cemented their base as a strong alternative rock act with a folk influence and an indie rock vibe. While the hip hop influence wasn’t absent, it surely wasn’t as prominent as in their latest single, “With My Eyes Wide Open” (though tracks like “Ghostmark” beg to differ). With the rap-rock formula the gained prominence with the popularity of Linkin Park in the early 00s, the new track blends the sound of their debut with a strong hip hop element. This newer sound, though, hasn’t abandoned the folk banjos and indie rock sing-a-longs of The New Kids.

From the Sarasota area, the duo consists of brothers Bradley and Brett Anderson. Now based in Tennessee, the brothers blend the folksy sound of Nashville with alternative rock and hip hop to create something that will equally appeal to fans of Of Monsters and Men or X-Ambassadors. With years of practice and only a few shows each year to show for it, the band got a break in Branson, Missouri and began playing night and night, often more than one set a day. The increased exposure gained them new fans. When producer Matt Odmark (Jars of Clay) heard the band and reached out to produce their debut, the brtoehrs knew their hard work had paid off.

A year after their initial release, the band continues to work on their sound and their songs, as well as touring when they are able. The band recently made it up the coast; however, they unfortunately never made it to Philly. As they continue to gain steam and popularity, we can be sure they’ll be hitting our town soon and we should be lined up at the door awaiting to experience this fresh sound. Until then, follow the band at Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter You can find their music at all of the major streaming platforms by clicking here, too.

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