CAMU’s “Empire State of Sound” is a Love Song to the Big Apple

Formerly of the band Naked, NYC artist CAMU is here with a new single. His sound is upbeat, rock forward, and full of catchy pop hooks. His latest track, “Expire State of Sound” is his ode to the city he calls home, Philly beloved sister city to the Northeast. Born and raised in East Village, CAMU loves his hometown and is sure to show that love in his latest track.

Written just after a devastating breakup of his band, CAMU wrote this track to express how he couldn’t have made it through that dark time without the life of the city keeping him going:

The song is not only a celebration of the good times I’ve had in New York, but a shout out, to the energy, motivation & answers those city streets gave me during dark, unforgettable & trying times. So much can happen in a New York minute, so to say. For me, New York will forever hold a very special place in my heart. It is where I found myself, the love of my life & some of the best friends & experiences that I will cherish forever, not to mention I’ve recorded a LOT of music there & it is the first place I was able to explore & express different sides of my music style. “Empire State Of Sound” is a window to my NYC experience & my very own NYC anthem. My ode to NYC.

Check out this new music video and stay tuned for more new music and upcoming tour dates, hopefully through our fair city of Brotherly Love.

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