Have You Heard the New CROSSED KEYS Demo Yet?

A few years ago, we highlighted the solo music of Joshua Alvarez, a local Philly musician that seems to always be involved with half a dozen projects. While we haven’t talked much about him since, he’s remained as busy as ever. One of his key projects is Crossed Keys.

Crossed Keys is chock full of Philly scene veterans, including former members of Ink & Dagger, Kid Dynamite, Solarized, Paint It Black, Lifetime, Halo of Snakes, Good Riddance, The Curse, Kill The Man Who Questions, Zolof the Rock & Roll Destroyer, and the list goes on. The band’s scene cred is astounding and their sound is as fun and powerful as ever.

We’ll be back with an interview with Josh about the band, their big holiday show, and more in the next week or so, but we’d be doing you a huge disservice not to share their latest track with everyone here. Without further ado, check out “Everything Breaks” on Spotify.

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