Mah-Ze-Tar Teaches Us About Eastern Music with “Liquid Lotus”

Veering out of Philadelphia and outside of my normal musical proclivities, I recently discovered an artist with a world music flavor from California that goes by the name of Mah-Ze-Tar. Longtime devotee of all forms of music, Maz Karandish’s Mah-Ze-Tar project has been in the making for quite some time. A big fan of Western jazz and opera, as well as a vast array of Eastern styles and influences, Maz’s sound is expansive and diverse. While my exposure to such musical elements is limited, personally, Maz is a one man music class. He employs elements of raga, maqam, and dastgah. He plays oud, Persian tar, Turkish saz, and ney in the Santa Barbara Middle Eastern Ensemble. On this album, he performs the vocals and all of the instruments, including sitar, oud, Turkish saz, dilruba, and bansuri. The amount of googling it took just to familiarize myself with the basics of what this all meant was extensive, but luckily it doesn’t take nearly as much work to just sit back and listen.

The lead track on the new Mah-Ze-Tar album is “Liquid Lotus”. It’s a great taste of what this album is all about. Introducing Eastern music and the elements of Eastern music to an audience less familiar with it is one of Maz’s big goals. To this end, he’s certainly done so because this is not only new to me, but I’m really enjoying it and hoping to explore much more music like it.

Check out the music video for “Liquid Lotus” below:

Check out more from Mah-Ze-Tar’s music at:


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