Marcus King Talks Vegan Cheesesteaks and Other Reasons He Loves Philly Ahead of TLA Show

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All photo credit to David McClister

The Marcus King Band has had quite the few years. The Southern blues/rock band, fronted by 22-year-old wunderkind singer-songwriter-guitarist Marcus King, took the American music landscape by storm following the release of their sophomore self-titled album in 2016. After relentless touring and high-profile appearances on shows like Conan O’Brien, the group released their third studio album Carolina Confessions last month. The contemplative, touching and deeply soulful material showcases King’s growth as a songwriter while also improving upon the impressive musicianship found in the band’s previous work.

King and his band of bluesmen return to the TLA on South Street this Thursday for another night of good ol’ fashioned rock n’ roll. Rock On Philly spoke to King ahead of the show to discuss the new album, Chris Robinson, vegan cheesesteaks and other reasons why he loves Philly.

Rock On Philly: Thanks so much for speaking with us today!

Marcus King: We love Philadelphia, so I’m happy to do it.

ROP: I know you played Philly a couple times now, so have you been able to explore the city when you’re here at all?

MK: Absolutely. The most recent time I was there with Chris Robinson and he took me to get a good vegan cheese steak, so I saw some more of the city that the last time around and saw some little cool things.

ROP: Cool. Where’d you get the vegan cheese steak from?

MK: I think the place we went was called Wiz Kid. That place was good.

ROP: I haven’t been there but I need to go! It’s interesting you mentioned Chris Robinson because he just played two nights here [at the Ardmore Music Hall on November 2nd and 3rd] and he’s spoken about how much he enjoys Philly. Has he been like a mentor to you?

MK: We’ve been good friends for a couple of years now and we work well together and always, always have a fantastic time together. He’s a certainly a hero of mine as a vocalist. It’s a really powerful voice… as a kid, I was always inspired by his sound.

ROP: And you recently performed with him as part of his As The Crow Flies project. How was that experience playing Black Crowes songs?

MK: I was just thrilled to be on the gig and to experience this tour, you know, it was really something else. It was a powerful thing, man.

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