Sara Henya Talks “Run, Run”, Philly during the Holidays, and More

Rather than give you all some long intro, I think I’ll jump right into this interview. Sara Henya is an awesome musician from our fair city and we’ll be sure to feature her more in the near future, but I was able to talk to her the other day and wanted to share her awesome music and even more awesome vibes with everyone. So, without further ado:

Hey Sara, thanks for stopping by to chat. Tell us a bit about yourself.

Thanks for having me! I’m a singer-songwriter and harpist and I live in Philly. I’m pretty new to the music scene; I just put out my first EP “Small World Alchemy” this year. I play folk music inspired by artists like Paul Simon, Regina Spektor, and Joanna Newsom. I went to school for Music Theory, but in the end I decided that being a classical musician wasn’t for me. Since then I’ve been dragging my harp into bars and clubs and having a great time doing it.

Being from here, what are some of your favorite things about the Philly area this time of year?

The Christmas Village! There’s something so magical about seeing a German-style holiday market in the middle of center city.

Thanksgiving was just last week and, as you know, Philly is home the oldest Thanksgiving parade, as well as home of many other rich holiday traditions? What are your favorite traditions for Thanksgiving? Favorite dishes?

This year I went to three different Thanksgiving dinners, and I played board games at all of them. Other than the games, I look forward to massive amounts of mashed potatoes every year. It’s my all time favorite food.

How about for the rest of this holiday season? Anything you’re really excited for?

As excited as I am about seeing family and the holidays, I’m sad that the year is ending. I’ve accomplished so much this year and I don’t want to say goodbye to what has been the most transformative year of my life.

You debuted a new music video at your show earlier this month. How did the crowd dig it? And, more, how was the show overall?

The show was a beautiful experience. We debuted the music video with an intimate show at The Living Room in Ardmore. It was really well received, and I was so excited to show off all of the work I did. My set was also special as this was the first show that the sound engineer from my EP, Juliane Li Davis, played as a part of my band on synthesizer. I also got to pull out my trombone for the first time in a long while, which was a big surprise to everyone.

Very cool. Would you say this song is a fair representation of your sound if folks are just getting to know you? What other stuff of yours should they check out?

I would say that “Run, Run” is a really good look at my overall sound. The rhythmic harp, and the story telling are all ever-present qualities in my music. My EP, Small World Alchemy, has some other really great songs on it if you’d like to hear more. Some of my personal favorites are “Back To Where I Came From” and “Tell Me Now”.

Looking forward to talking more and checking out more of your stuff over the next few months. What should people be keeping their eyes and ears out for in the world of Sara Henya?

I have a second music video coming out soon for my song “Rabbit, Rabbit”. We actually got four different rabbits to be in the video. It was a really fun day of shooting. So keep your eyes peeled for that one.

Thanks again for the quick chat. Until we chat again, can you remind us all where we can find you, your music, and upcoming show dates?

You can always find music, shows, and information on my website, but also follow me on Facebook and Instagram. You can also head to my YouTube page to watch some of my live performances.

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