The Dirty Nil Bring Their Canadian Punk to Philly

Photo credit Steve Gullick

Canadian rock band The Dirty Nil have accomplished more in three years than most bands do in three decades: the punkish rock trio have played over 350 shows, opened for Against Me! and The Who, and won the Juno Award for Breakthrough Group of the Year.

The Dirty Nil – which consists of singer/guitarist Luke Bentham, bassist Ross Miller and drummer Kyle Fisher – takes it all in stride, however, as they focus on their first headlining US tour in support of their third album, Master Volume. The album was released this past September on Dine Alone Records and is reminiscent of early Menzingers, full of power-punk anthems with heart.

On Wednesday, they’ll headline The Voltage Lounge with Dead Soft, Teenage Bigfoot and Uncle Dan as support. Rock On Philly got the chance to chat with Fisher ahead of the show on the new album and some of their milestones.

Rock On Philly: You guys are on your first headlining US tour. How has it gone so far?

Kyle Fisher: It’s been phenomenal so far! We have had great shows every night. Everyone seems to know all the words to every song. We couldn’t be happier with how this is going.

ROP: It sounds like you’ve had bad experiences with hotels before (I heard about the inspiration of the “Super 8” song). Has it been a better experience this time around?

KF: Well we haven’t had to wake up to a trail of ants down a hallway this tour, so that’s been a relief.

ROP: So how did you get the name Dirty Nil? 

KF: It’s something we chose when we were in high school. We kind of just took a couple band names and smashed them together.

ROP: I’m a big fan of The Who, how was that experience opening for them?!

KF: It was a dream-come true. Luke was the only one who got to meet Pete and Roger but they were super nice. It was the biggest show we have ever played though. 60,000 or more people spread across the Plains of Abraham in Quebec City. I still can’t believe it happened.

ROP: What do you love most about the new album Master Volume? Is there a song you enjoy playing live most? 

KF: We worked so hard in this record but we got exactly what we wanted done. The songs are the best we’ve ever done. It’s the best record period. Really having fun playing “Auf Wiedersehen” and “Smoking is Magic” live. They really get the crowd going and put smiles on our faces.

ROP: Nice! What can people expect from a Dirty Nil show?

KF: The most fun you can have at a rock and roll show. Even your grandmother will love it.

ROP: Haha, if you say so. Have you guys been to Philly before? If so, how was that experience?

KF: We have been to Philly numerous times. It’s one of my favorite cities in the US. We made some long time friends in Philly so it’s always good to see them and hangout.

ROP: I know you are all Canadian, but do you plan to celebrate Thanksgiving in any way while you are in the states?

KF: We’ve been fortunate enough to be invited over for dinner by a good friend of ours in New York, so we are looking forward to having a true American Thanksgiving for the first time.

Check out The Dirty Nil (and bring your grandmother) on Thanksgiving Eve at the Voltage Lounge for an ALL AGES show! You can grab tickets here.

Photo credit Shervin Lainez


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