The Infectious Pop of Heather Gruber: “What’s So Good About Being Young?”

It’s Wednesday and I’m dragging. I don’t know about you all, but sometimes midweek marks a time where I’m really struggling to push through the week. While a good cup of coffee or my favorite energy drink can offer a bit of a pick me up, I often lean on some good tunes to power through. It may be a hard driving punk tune or an old school hip hop track or really anything in between, but there is always one key element, an upbeat feeling and optimistic feel.

This morning, I dove into my computer looking for something new and was struck by Heather Gruber’s latest single, “What’s So Good About Being Young?”. It blends her lyrics of valid daily struggles with a fun, toe tapping pop flow. It’s somehow optimistic and cynical all at once, which is exactly what I needed this morning.

The track is the closing track from her upcoming album, Dance Into The Desert, and is as infectious as anything I’ve heard this year. If you’re feeling like some upbeat pop music to get you through this week, check it out below.

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