Jazz, Rock, and a Dope Music Video: The Goldwyn Experiment’s “Sad Boy Summer”

While I don’t know if The Goldwyn Experiment’s upcoming tour will hit our beautiful city or not, I would be remiss if I didn’t share this unique music video from Canadian jazz rock fusion project The Goldwyn Experiment.

The latest project from long time rocker and world traveler Goldwyn Thandrayen is called Avenue B, named after the street where his NYC apartment was. However, the songs are inspired by a variety towns that Goldwyn called home for one time or another. The first single “Sad Boy Summer” blends progressive, jazz, rock, and even hip hop into a unique sound that is only made more impressive by the short film that was created as its music video.

The world needs more fun, narrative music videos and The Goldwyn Experiment is helping us achieve that goal.

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