While we like to focus on local music, sometimes we are careful here not to deprive you of great tunes from all over the globe. One such act is LUC, a garage rock/electronic mashup duo from Los Angeles. they dropped their latest EP, Glow, on Halloween. The title track’s new music video is fantastic and the remaining five tracks on the EP are equally strong.

LUC has been described as a “modernized Blondie crossed with Saint Vincent and NIN”. Comprised of singer-songwriter Kari Kimmel and producer/songwriter/multi-musician Joe Corcoran, the duo has a unique sound and has gain steam on the Internet. Before teaming up, both had success with many songs used in film, TV, and commercials, as well as over 90 million streams of their music between the two. In LUC, they combine their talents to create a powerful sound they describe as “garage-tronic” and reminds me of what I dig about acts like Sleigh Bells. Fans of 90s alternative, modern dance, and EDM alike will find somethign to enjoy about LUC’s sound.

While the full EP is only available on iTunes, the title track is available on Spotify, so once you watch the video, you can keep rocking “Glow” immediately, while you consider grabbing the full EP (which I highly recommend).

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