The Experimental Sound of Max Lee

From right up the road in New York City, Max Lee is creating some very unique music. With influences ranging from Prince to Talking Heads to The Flaming Lips, Lee isn’t interested in making generic alternative rock – but, rather, he is challenging the listener with a variety of influences and genres mashed together to create something different.

Of course, blending genres in a lo-fi fashion isn’t exactly new ground. However, many who try, simply can’t do it well. In this case, though, the final product comes together as more than a hodgepodge. Fans of the likes of Radiohead will find Max Lee’s Colors of Noise to be a very rewarding experience. However, the DIY punk aesthetic will harken to the very early days of Albarn or even someone like Bright Eyes. This feels like a fantastically talented kid just doing his own thing with a bunch of instruments and a laptop. And, for that, we should all be grateful.

One of the best things about our modern era of music is the ability for young talents to record on their own and get their music out there. Unique music like Max Lee’s may not have always seen the light of day or been easy to find in years past, so it’s great to experience the weird sounds and melodies that Lee has put together to create these 18 tracks.

The video game inspired sounds in tracks like “SXE” are fun. The blend of ambient sounds, pianos, and mumbly pained vocals of “Breathe” almost come off of 2018’s answer to “Revolution No. 9”. The upbeat “History” feels like garage rock for the digital age. But, it’s “Open” that strikes me as the standout track, for some reason. It feels like the perfect melding of the various sounds at play, creating something contemplative to the point that it pulls me away from my work, my writing, my day to just soak in.

Check out the album via Spotify today and stay tuned for Max to hit the turnpike and get him unique style down to Philly.

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