After a 12 Year Hiatus, Chromelodeon is BACK!

This is Chromelodeon… or… well… it was. This is an old promotional photo from the band’s days as an active feature in the Philly scene and beyond. Their sound could be described as an amalgamation of chiptune, progressive rock, and various other influences from the electronic and rock worlds. Their music was geeky and rocking and altogether wonderful.

The band was active from 2000 to 2007, beginning when they formed during their high school days. They remained a legend – an extremely pleasant memory – until just over a week ago, when they played Maryland’s premier geek life event, MAGFest. Reports came back that they rocked many faces off at the event, but it was also just the warm up…

Chromelodeon returns to their home city of Philly this weekend for two nights only. On behalf of Rock on Philly, I was lucky enough to catch up with them over the last few days to chat about the show and more. Without further ado, here’s a transcript of our brief chat:

Holy crap! Chromelodeon is back! For those who weren’t lucky enough to see you guys in your original run, let’s start with you… in other words, who is Chromelodeon?

We’re a very large instrumental band from Philadelphia. We existed in the early days of VGM and Chiptune which elements can be heard in our music. Our live performances are accompanied by projected visuals and custom lighting.

What should newcomers expect from a Chromelodeon show?

There are plenty of videos on YouTube you can check out. We’ll be playing songs from our albums with original material and video game covers. We’re trying to play a little bit from everything we have released.

So what’s it been like practicing, prepping, and playing again?

It’s been challenging to relearn all the material, but it’s been fun to play these songs again and to have all of our core members involved.

I’m sure it brings back some great memories. I know I loved working with you guys back in the day. One of my favorite stories was having to hold a bunch of can of Sparks in my trunk from friends of your band because they wanted to bring them into a church I’d booked you guys at and had nowhere to put them. It became a pretty comical scene when I explained to them that the church wouldn’t be cool with half a case of booze in a basement with a bunch of underage kids. They were cool when I offered to hold it in my car. What are some of your favorite stories and memories?

That sounds about right. There are plenty of stories like that. We have a lot of stories about the aftermath of drinking Sparks that are probably better off left untold.

Your first show back was at MAGFEST. How’d that go?

Great! It was great to play music together again for the first time in over a decade. Especially at a festival where a lot of our hardcore followers from outside of Philly can catch us play.

Were you able to catch any other cool acts there that you think folks should check out?

Bit Brigade and Danimal Cannon are old friends of ours that are worth checking out.

Speaking of other acts, tell us about the other bands playing your reunion shows this weekend.

We’re playing with acts that we have some history with one way or another. nymlstyl and Chipocrite are solo projects of members in Dino’s current project, Cheap Dinosaurs. Korine is a band that has chiptune roots and we go way, way back with some of the members of Exmaid. They’re all really great local musicians that are worth checking out.

Thanks again for the chat. Any other things folks need to know about this weekend’s reunion shows?

It’s important to note that both shows will be very fun. Thanks for the interview. Hope to see everyone this weekend!

Check out Chromelodeon at PhilaMOCA this weekend, on Saturday night and Sunday night.

And check out their entire backlog over at

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