Philly band Buddie shouts out Michael Cera, Elijah Wood and ‘The Office’ in catchy new single

If you’re looking for some new tunes to rock out to this New Music Friday, look no further than Philly’s own Buddie.

The four-piece band writes pop/rock songs about life as a young adult, social anxiety, environmentalism and just trying to be a good person in this crazy world.

Their recently released single and video, “Sink,” features driving guitars, a catchy hook and lyrical shoutouts to Michael Cera, Elijah Wood and Tony from “The Office.”

And there’s more where that came from as Buddie has a full EP that’s been released: “Change of Scenery.”

According to frontman, Daniel Forrest, much of the EP was influenced by his time in working as a conservation biologist in Bioko (a small island in Equatorial Guinea, Central Africa) and readjusting to life in Philadelphia.

You can stream the full EP here.

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