Pop from Down Under: MALLRAT Invades Philly

Mallrat - Aussie Pop

I was lucky enough to catch up with Aussie pop sensation Mallrat as she invaded our frigid city this Winter. She wasn’t necessarily a fan of the cold weather of the Northeastern US in January, but she did share in our city’s grand tradition of Brotherly Love. For this prideful Philly guy, it’s no surprise that she loved Philly. And, after getting to know her a bit, it’s no surprise that Philly loved her to.

Here’s hoping she’s back soon, but until then, let’s get some introductions out of the way.

Ok, so this is a weird way to start… but I’m intrigued… you discovered a new species of spider when you were a kid?

Yes! When I was four I found this spider in a family friend’s garden and thought it looked cool. I showed my dad and he was like “I’ve never seen this before! Let’s take it to the museum.” And then we took it to the museum and they said it was a new species and gave me a certificate for discovering it. They asked if they could keep it, but I didn’t want them to hurt my spider and put a pin through it like all the other spiders on display. I said no, and then they asked if they could just keep it overnight, so I said yes. We went back to get it the next day and they had “lost” it! So that’s when the trust issues began.

So, besides being responsible for an amazing scientific discovery, who is Mallrat?

Mallrat is meeeeeee, I’m 20 and from Australia and I love making music.

Your latest release, In the Sky, has gotten a ton of buzz, everyone from the New York Times to Noisey is shouting your praise. How would you describe the sound and style of Mallrat to folks who may be new to you?

All of my songs are quite different to each other but I would just call it pop music! Although the lyrics are a lot more personal than pop music usually is.

I’m always a bit partial to the heavier side of pop. Your track “UFO” is probably my favorite on the EP. What inspired that track for you?

Thank you! When I wrote that song I was hoping I could pitch it to another artist. But nobody wanted it and then I fell in love with it so I kept it. It’s about feeling like an alien.

Is there a particular side of your music that you’re most partial to? The darker or heavier tracks, the bright and poppy tunes, something else entirely?

I love music that makes you feel or remember something. Or music that sounds like nothing else.

Speaking of the variety of sides to your sound, who are some of your big influences as an artist?

I listen to so many different types of music. But my standing favourites artists are Kanye, Paul Simon, Lana del Rey, Allday, Florence and the Machine, Billie Eilish, Nicki Minaj, SOPHIE.

Mallrat - Aussie Pop

We’re excited to have had you here. What did you think of our fair city? Did you get to check out anything cool?

Thank you! I’d never been before. We didn’t have much time, but from what we saw from the city it was so beautiful. We arrived on a nice sunny day so the city looked magical. We were staying near the town hall in the city.

I wasn’t able to make it out, but heard the show went great, how’d you enjoy playing the Foundry?

The show was amazing, the Philly crowd are such beautiful people. They where engaged throughout the whole set and that always feels amazing

So far on this tour, is there any other date that has stood out to you or any experience that really blew you away?

We met some really lovely fans in DC, too. That was special!

Before we wrap up, I’d love for you to tell us a bit about your home of Australia and its music scene. What’s it like playing music over there? How does the scene compare to the cities you’ve visited here?

Australia is amazing. There are so many incredible artists and everybody knows each other because it’s kind of a small place. But I think we are really punching above our weight.

Any final thoughts to share with the loyal ROP readers?

Drink more water!

Check out Mallrat’s latest music video below and then head to her Facebook and website for more!

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