Lily & Madeleine, Retro-Pop Sister Duo, Discuss New Album and #MeToo Movement

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Rock On Philly: Growing up, did you have a close relationship with one another? When did you decide to join forces and perform as a duo?

Lily Jurkiewicz: We’ve always been very close. We started writing and performing together in high school and since we’d been singing since we were little, it just came naturally.

ROP: You’ve opened up for some major artists – any particular highlights?

Madeleine Jurkiewicz: Opening for [Mexican-American singer, songwriter and guitarist] Rodriguez was a highlight of my career. He is such a legend and his music is powerful, political, and beautiful. Rodriguez himself is hilarious and generous. We had a wonderful time on that brief tour.

ROP: You titled your upcoming album “Canterbury Girls,” referencing a location in your hometown in Indiana. How did growing up in that area shape you both as people and artists?

MJ: “Canterbury Girls” refers to Canterbury Park in our hometown of Indianapolis, which is a place we’d spend a lot of time in when we were around 12-14 years old. As we grew up and realized the dynamics of the world, we would go to the park and fantasize about our futures. I think living in a medium-sized city, in a close-knit Catholic community shaped us to aspire to be mild and timid women. That’s why it’s especially important for us to express ourselves through songs, to be fully ourselves, and to be loud and unapologetic.

LJ: The community we were involved in our early adolescence was pretty homogenous and athletics-based. I felt a lot of the time like something was missing from my life, and it’s nice now to be able to express those feelings through music.

ROP: What were some of the major differences recording this album in Nashville compared to recording your previous three albums in Indiana? 

MJ: It was our first time recording in Nashville and we didn’t know what to expect. It turned out to be a wonderful experience. It felt like a retreat, being far from home in a very hilly, green city. We were able to explore the city and create a record all in 10 days.

LJ: We were coming from a terribly cold winter in NYC and spring was just beginning in Nashville. It was very lovely and new and inspiring!

ROP: This record explores a lot of modern issues women are facing. Have either of you experienced a #MeToo movement? What do you feel are some of the biggest issues facing teen girls and women today? 

MJ: Lily and I have each dealt with unsavory things in and outside of the music industry, so expressing those things was a goal with this record. This record is our most angsty to date, and I think it’s very important for listeners to connect with our experiences so they themselves feel heard.

LJ: Yeah I’ve personally been going back and forth about how much I want to share and how open I’m willing to be. I think every girl has at least a dozen stories like mine. I’m glad light is being shed especially on the entertainment and music industry.

ROP: What can attendees expect at your album release show at the World Cafe Life? Any tunes you are more excited to perform?

MJ: Oh my goodness our album release is coming up soon! I’m just so excited! We’ll be playing the entirety of the new record plus some old favorites. I’m excited for this record to be translated live. That’s the best part about playing live: the songs take on a new form and meaning each time they’re played.

LJ: We’re psyched to be back in Philly and to play the whole record for everyone!

Find more information about their album release show and purchase tickets here. Tickets are only $15 in advance! 

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