Philly’s KNIGHTLIFE Set to Rock Fergie’s on Saturday!

Philly rockers Knightlife are playing out live this weekend and they want you to come on out and see what they’ve got to offer. I have the chance to chat with Bruce about the band, the upcoming show, and more.

So, without further ado:

Thanks for the chat, Bruce. Let’s start with the obvious. Who is Knightlife?

Knightlife is a four-piece modern rock band. Of those pieces are myself (Bruce MacKnight) (guitar), Rich Giduck (bass), Anthony Angelina (drums), and Aaron Van Allen (vocals). We are an active band in both gigging and studio work. As a follow up to our debut LP, Forever Fight, we are hoping to have a sophomore album out before 2020.

Rich has been an important member of this band for years. The amount of time shared between Rich and I is essential when understanding our roots. Before achieving “success” this was a two-man operation for a while.

Anthony and I met each other from playing in a cover band. Before playing a Radio 104.5 live at 5 I made the decision to bring Anthony on as a member of Knightlife. It’s exciting to think about how we have mutually grown as musicians since those beginnings. Anthony is not on Forever Fight but we are glad to announce that he will be heavily involved in our sophomore album.

Aaron owns The Violin, a studio in Wallingford, PA. He is our engineer and producer. His involvement as both member and producer has allowed for the band to become much closer to the studio process.

What’s your role in the band?

My role in Knightlife is to be creative and managerial. These are not necessarily in opposition of one another, but sometimes they are tricky to simultaneously navigate. I am one of three songwriters. I play guitar. I am on top of rehearsal, studio, and gig schedules. A band has variety of needs, let’s call them flames. I am the guy that tries to keep each flame burning the best it can.

For those who are new to your band, how would you describe the band’s sound and influences?

Knightlife sounds like a variety of things. We write momentous music. Our songs are meant to sound theatrical and emotive. Knightlife is a band best listened to with the windows down and the volume up. This would probably be on a summer night with a couple friends along for the ride. Although doing such is equally advisable in wintertime.

Our influences are bands and albums that we identify with. We get on with a number of classics: The Rolling Stones, Joe Walsh, Pink Floyd, Styx, Fleetwood Mac, Van Halen, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Weezer, Green Day.

I really feel like we’ve grown out of being directly influenced by other popular bands. The process of making Forever Fight exposed us to the idea of what our sound is. Our sound can be categorized by some of the following. Vocals to cry over, harmonies that pull your heart strings, and words to shout out loud. Guitar parts to admire, tone to replicate, and brightness that jumps out of your speaker. Bass lines to reexamine, learn, and tap along with. Drumming that keeps everything exciting, fills that make you stop and listen harder. The influence then becomes, how do we take that sound and make it ‘better’? People who enjoy our music should expect us to continue to come out with records that always build off the last.

Awesome. I see you guys are pretty active in the local scene. Where are some of your favorite spots to play?

The Grape Room (Manayunk) and The Nail (Ardmore) are our favorite places to play. Both are extremely kind to us. Both venues make it a point to support our set. We support the venue with the same amount of care. I think these experiences help make us the band that we are. We support those that give us a stage to play on.

Speaking of the local scene, who are some of the bands you love sharing a stage with?

The following acts are phenomenal. They are kind before, during, and after the show. It’s hard to find performers that you connect with. It’s horrible when you find yourself supporting people you actually don’t get along with. It’s game changing to meet people that you can support and have a relationship with. All of these groups fit that profile:

Andorra, Justin Kerecz, Archpalatine , Hedera, and Unfolding.

How about touring acts, anyone you’ve gotten to play with that really blew you away?

Standard Broadcast and Murderboat from Pittsburgh were some of the nicest people we’ve met on the road. The original show we had booked fell apart because the venue backed out. But, Standard Broadcast rose to the occasion and found the show a new home. We were very appreciative and thankful to have met these bands.

You’ll be playing at Fergie’s next week, what should people expect if they’re able to make it out to the show?

All three bands (Andorra, The Dead Flowers, and Knightlife) bring an edge along with their music. I think people can expect a fresh Knightlife. We have been off for a bit since our Grape Room residency in January. We are planning to return to the stage at the end of the night to play some classic rock covers. You’ll definitely hear things like: “Rockin’ In The Free World”, “Stay With Me”, “Helter Skelter”, “Miss You”, “Escape (Pina Colada Song)”, “Why Can’t This Be Love”. If you are planning on coming out, stick around for that.

If they aren’t able to make it, how can they check out some of your tunes and what you’re about.

Follow us on Twitter. Everything we have to offer is displayed on that profile.

Thanks again for the talk. Any final words for the fine readers of ROP?

Thank you to Rock On Philly for this opportunity. We hope to continue supporting one another. For all readers, please reach out and follow us on Twitter. We’re waiting for you!

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