Bernard Fowler Turns the Rolling Stones Inside Out with New Album

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Photo credit to Michele Clarke

Critically acclaimed vocalist Bernard Fowler has sung backup vocals and played percussion with the Rolling Stones for over thirty years, but for his latest solo effort he takes center stage as he deconstructs the music of the classic rock band.

The aptly titled Inside Out features Fowler doing spoken word versions of some well-known hits and deeper cuts of the Stones. “There’s no question the Glimmer Twins [lead singer Mick Jagger and lead guitarist Keith Richards] are underrated as songwriters,” Fowler says in an phone call with Rock On Philly. A few days prior he wrapped up his segment with A Bowie Celebration tour and returned to LA. “I think a lot of people get lost in groove bobbing their heads and shaking their booties, and the real message get lost,” he continues.

When creating the track listing for this project, he searched for Stones’ songs with “strong lyrical content.” He already knew some of his choices from the beginning – like “Dancing with Mr. D” and “Undercover of the Night” – but for others he studied his two Rolling Stones songbooks and searched for something that caught his eye. Other than “Sympathy for the Devil,” the casual Stones fan may not have heard the other selections in a long time, if at all. For the die-hard fans, they will be stunned as they hear the songs pared down to Bernard Fowler’s indignant spoken word delivery and carefully crafted percussion and other instrumentation.

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