Bernard Fowler Turns the Rolling Stones Inside Out with New Album

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While Fowler doesn’t know if all the members of the Stones have heard the record yet, he shared a snippet of what he was working on with Keith Richards, and Richards remarked, “Damn, Fowler, you went deep.” “Their opinion is valued highly,” says Fowler. “They’re the fathers and I’m the son, so you know any kid gets a lift from getting a nod from their dad.”

For non-Rolling Stones fans, Fowler hopes this record turns them on to the Stones’ music, especially the R&B and blues listeners. “I wish more of them would come out [to a show] and have a look, because to get to the Muddy Waters, you got to go through the Rolling Stones,” he remarks.

For the die-hard Stones fans, Fowler wants them to listen to their music “in a different way.” “It’s not all just sex, drugs and rock and roll. There is substance to the stuff they are singing about, it’s a commentary of what we’re living,” he emphasizes. “The same s**t that we were going through on this side of the pond, they were going through on that side of the pond. They just said it a little nicer.”

Inside Out is available now to purchase and stream on Amazon, iTunes, and Spotify. 

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