Talking Good Tunes, The Troc, and Philly Roots with Nashville’s BEST INTENTIONS

I was lucky enough to get a chance to hear this great young pop punk band from Nashville recently and, upon digging, I found out they had Philly roots. They are currently setting their Summer schedule and hoping to make it throw our fair city on the tour. I reached out to chat with them about their new album and a lot more. So, buckle up and enjoy this short interview with Nashville’s number one export, Best Intentions!

So, let’s start with who we’re talking to. Who are you and what do you do in the band?

My name is Matthew Kleinman and I am the founding member and lead guitarist of Best Intentions. (Matthew)

My name’s Tony Pietrafesa and I sing and play guitar in Best Intentions. (Tony)

My name is Jim Collett and I play drums. (Jim)

The next obvious question is who is Best Intentions? What’s your sound? Who else is in the band, etc?

Best Intentions is the three of us in this interview, plus our bassist, Evan Aliquo. He’s honestly the hype man of the band in my book, because he does push-ups on stage sometimes. Our sound in my opinion is all of the elements of old-school pop-punk with the production value of modern pop-punk and hard-hitting rock music. We’re heavily influenced by bands like Neck Deep, A Day To Remember, Blink-182, and older Fall Out Boy. (Tony)

So, I was lucky enough to check out your latest single and was super excited to hear that you guys started out in Philly. What’s the story there and how’d you end up in Nashville?

I started Best Intentions in Philadelphia in 2016 with singer, Greg Monaco after our band Distressor broke up. Unfortunately before we could get much going I had to relocate to Nashville for work. After a few years in Nashville, I met Tony (vocals/rhythm guitar) and Jim (drums) and decided to revive the band.

The pop punk scene in Nashville is small but passionate so we decided it was a great place for us to work on developing our band and help build a bigger local scene. (Matthew)

What do you miss most about Philly?

The house shows. In Philly, I would go to multiple house shows a week. There was always somebody playing somewhere in a basement full of passionate music lovers. The Nashville house show scene is significantly smaller than the one in Philly – although we have great house shows, they are just not as frequent. (Matthew)

Recently, the historic Trocadero Theatre announced that it would be closing its doors. Do you have any memories of shows you saw at the Troc during your time here?

I spent a great deal of time at the Trocadero. Between the shows I worked and the shows I attended I’ve seen close to 100 shows at the Troc alone. I think the two shows that stand out the most in my memory are the 2013 Silverstein/Like Moths to Flames show, and the sold out 2014 A Day To Remember anniversary show. Both of those shows brought out the magic of the Trocadero for me. An old theater packed with young kids rocking out to heavy music, that’s what Philly always meant to me. (Matthew)

Photo Credit: Chelsea Leese

So, I know your concert dates aren’t all set for the Summer, but we’re surely hoping you get back through here this Summer. What are some of your other favorite cities to play when you’re on the road?

Strangely enough, I’ve always had some of my best tour experiences in places you wouldn’t expect. One of my favorite shows was opening for Pentimento in Oswego, New York. A lot of people came out and they all went hard for every band even the ones they didn’t know. That is always one of my favorite things to see on the road. I also have to give some obvious honorable mentions to New York City and Los Angeles for always having a great audience. (Matthew)

Besides upcoming live shows, what else is on the horizon? More singles? Full album?

We have a new music video that dropped Wednesday and our first full length album dropped on Friday. We are also hoping to release another music video sometime in July. (Matthew)

Thanks for the short chat, before we go how can people follow what you’re up to and check out your music?

We are always posting stories on our Instagram and Facebook accounts, so
people can definitely keep up with us on social media. We also have a website where people can find out about upcoming shows/tours and check out our merch. (Jim)

Thanks, any last words for your fans here in Philly?

We’re planning on coming to Philly soon! We’re super excited to play for everyone and show them what we’ve been up to. (Tony)

Stay tuned on updates for their tour and Philly dates. Also, don’t forget to check out their new album at Spotify or your favorite retailer today!

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