Fury Brings the Heat to PhilaMOCA

Words by Sabrina Miller Photos by Kenzie Gasper

Orange County’s Fury is one of the most influential bands in hardcore today. In 2016, they released one of the best records of the year in not only hardcore, but arguably in all of mainstream music as well. Despite Fury’s widespread popularity before Paramount, this album launched their reach to entirely different level.

This is made evident by their recent signing and release of their latest record Failed Entertainment with Boston based label Run for Cover Records. With songs like “Angels Over Berlin,” “Vacation,” and “America,” Fury continues to reign as one of the biggest and most influential bands in the genre.

This summer, they are making their way across the country to promote the record on a headlining tour. Fury is accompanied by Diztort, another band originating from Orange County. This past Monday, they stopped in Philadelphia, performing at PhilaMOCA.

With Wild Side from Niagra Falls, Canada and Diztort supporting as openers, this show contained three bands with some of the greatest impact in all of hardcore.

Wild Side opened the show in a blaze, with their typical eccentric energy illuminating the room. With the release of their latest record, Who the Hell is Wild Side? on Triple B Records, their regular zeal was certainly expected to be intensified. This surely was the case, as Wild Side opened the show with a set exuding an aura of pure insanity.

Diztort followed suit, as the room erupted in complete absurdity from the first song to the last. With the ferocity of the music pouring into all corners of the room, this set was nothing short of what’s expected from the Orange County band.

Headlining a show stacked with major players in the hardcore game is nothing new to Fury, and they surely did not disappoint. Fury is a band who knows how to inspire and move their audience in a number of ways. Somehow, each and every time I have the chance to catch a Fury set, I find myself feeling as though the set could never be long enough. The sheer impact of their presence is one that can move the entire crowd. If you’re able to get to one of these gigs on their Failed Entertainment tour, I urge you to try your best to make it out to one, as it will be a set you’re unlikely to forget any time soon. With that considered, if you somehow have still not made it a point to listen to their latest album, you’re definitely missing out on one of the best records of the year so far. I can guarantee that this album, as well as this band, will have a lasting impact on you, as they do for the genre of hardcore as a whole.

Have you listened to Fury’s new album? Sound off in the comments below after you’ve checked out our gallery from the show below!

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