Andorra Presents BAD HABITS FEST at the Barbary TONIGHT

Featured Image Courtesy of Radio 104.5

With a killer two night lineup, local rock band Andorra put together a two night festival called Bad Habits Fest that starts in just a matter of hours. Andorra’s Kevin McCall explains why he decided to put the event together.

Within the past year, I have come across so many cool and talented artists that are not getting opportunities for one reason or another. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of exclusiveness in Philly when it comes to music venues, festivals, etc. There are more festival-like events popping up every year with essentially the same line up. I wanted to build a showcase that is a bit more inviting for locals that are more deserving. This half baked plan lead to the creation of Andorra’s 2-day festival, Bad Habits Fest. The plan is to eventually make this an annual event that takes place every Summer.

Joining them on stage over this two night festivity will be great Philly area bands like Alright Junior, American Dinosaur, Summer Scouts, The Tisburys, and The Dead Flowers. Tonight, the two stage event kicks off at 7 with the first acts hitting the stage at 7:45. Jesse Gimbel will grace the stage downstairs and Sitting in Cars will rock out upstairs. For tonight’s full lineup check below or head the the Facebook event page.

The festival continues for a second night, topped off with a special set of covers from Andorra with Radio 104.5’s Jammin’ Jessie on vocals. It’s sure to be a doozy. Check out the full lineup for night 2 below, as well as a sneak preview of the event over at Radio 104.5’s Philly Music Podcast.

Take it from Jamie and the Guarded Heart and don’t miss this fun weekend at the Barbary…

Call a babysitter, pause the Netflix, wear your good underpants because we’re going to get down on Saturday night! And it’s for a good cause, so tell me how you could go wrong. TELL ME.

Listen to “Bad Habits Festival Preview with Andorra + Jamie and the Guarded Heart” on Spreaker.

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