Aura Blaze

In the area of Central NJ that can’t fully be claimed by the NYC or Philly metro areas lies the town of Lebanon. As in much of Central NJ, there you’ll find NY sports fans alongside Philly fans. This is the area where Philly staples like Wawa are a mile down the road from North Jersey convenience stores like Quickcheck. It’s a different type of place than the hustle and bustle of North Jersey or the Jersey Shore. In fact, it feels a good deal more like metro Philadelphia in its speed and atmosphere.

Hailing from this town of Lebanon, talented and experienced musician Rhodes Rachel with a project that blends a variety of classic rock sounds and processes them through a modern filter to create a band that is unique, fun, and full of life. That band is called Aura Blaze. The new album from Aura Blaze, entitled The Sparkling Black, embodies the sound and spirit classic rockers The Doors, Pink Floyd, and even the Beatles, while sounding fresh and new for a modern audience.

It’s hard to pinpoint influences for a band that draws from so many. For instance, “Good While it Lasted” has a feel that wouldn’t be out of place on a Shondells record or any number of British Invasion bands. Yet, the production value is very modern, making it something a bit different. “Manipulation” features guest vocals from Swedish metal icon Björn Strid of Soilwork and feels like Blue Oyster Cult meets Hawkwind. And then, “Hope It All Works Out” feels equally like a slower track from The Killers with Brandon Flowers crooning, a 50s doo-wop inspired rock ballad, and a great 70s track that James Gunn would have a hard time keeping off the soundtrack for Guardians 3. Somehow, all of these sounds and influences fit seemlessly on this album, never feeling like senseless or out of place divergences.

The Sparkling Black

The album is out now, available on Spotify, and easily found on a variety of services. And, with Rachel living right up the road, we can expect some Philly appearances in the near future. Stay tuned for info on live shows and more.

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