Marielle Kraft Releases Honest, Raw EP “The Deep End”

Photo credit to Nick Grant

For indie pop singer-songwriter Marielle Kraft, her decision to leave her stable job as an English teacher and pursue music full-time came down to a lighthouse.

“There’s this lighthouse in Rhode Island that I always used to go to in high school to process things or reflect,” explains Kraft in a phone interview with Rock On Philly. “When I went there in April last year while visiting my parents, I didn’t expect to make a life-changing decision that day. But I went out there alone one morning and felt incredibly compelled to reconsider teaching. Music was something I always wanted to do in the deepest of my gut, and I feel like I need to do this now before I regret not doing it. That day the lighthouse was on and it’s never on. To me it was such a symbol of hope that it’s going to be okay. I actually got that lighthouse tattooed on my arm the day that I quit teaching.”

These moments of change culminated in her debut five-song EP, “The Deep End,” which was released on July 12th. The EP cover features a photo of Marielle in a pool from 1999, when she learned to swim. In addition to detailing her experience of pursuing music full-time, the EP was inspired by falling in love and getting heart broken for the first time. “I had this flooding of emotions that was really hard to control. It was almost as if I was sinking at times, but through writing these songs I was able to learn how to swim and work through it and heal,” she says.

Kraft wrote every song on the record and looks up to other female singer-songwriters like Taylor Swift, Julia Michaels, Maisie Peters and Betty Who. “Taylor Swift’s transition to pop through the Red and 1989 albums were big influences for me with this EP,” she explains.

“Better Without You” stands out on the EP and is the perfect breakup / female empowerment song. “I’ve had time to grow my friendships without you, invested in my music without you, I’m playing New York City without you, I’m seeing what the truth is without you…” sings Kraft. It sounds reminiscent of Swift’s “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” from her Red album in the sense that both songs encourage independence from relationship drama and focusing on strong female friendships.

“I really want people to feel like, ‘Wow, I can be the best version of myself without somebody else.’ For the first time I was able to define and identify myself without feeling like the other half of the entity of a relationship. That was so important for me and I hope other people can feel empowered to do the same,” she says.

Kraft is celebrating her EP release in Philly this Friday, July 26th at the World Café Live! Kraft will perform with her whole backing band and some special surprise guests, and feature openers Brianna Nelson and Chris Paterno. “The Deep End” EP and new merchandise will also be available the night of the show for purchase. Tickets still available here! This show is all ages.

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