Less than two weeks ago, local singer/songwriter Jac Carson dropped his latest EP – his second this year – as Jac with No K. You may be better acquainted with him as the lead guitarist for Saint Wilde. As Jac with No K, he forgoes some of Saint Wilde’s pop rock style for a bluesier sound. Fans of blues, Americana, and country music are sire to find a gem with Jac’s Songs for a Long Drive Home. At Bourbon & Branch on July 27th, Jac officially premiered the EP for a solid crowd of fans and friends. Along with Philly’s own Hedera and Lovecartel (who also dropped a new EP that night), Jac celebrated his newest release with a fun live set.

Songs for a Long Drive Home is a four song EP with 4 alt-blues tracks that range from contemplative, heartfelt ballad “From a Singer to a Worried Mother” to the upbeat country rock tune “Home” – “From a Singer to a Worried Mother” is a thoughtful song from a young man to his mother and the jangly and twangy “Home” feels like song from a long lost Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young album. The other two tracks fit right in, but with their own distinct feel, as well. “I Still Love You” is another thoughtful tune, one could dominate airwaves on alternative and country radio alike. And the closing track, “Your Song”, feels like Tom Waits snuck in to join the fray with an offbeat and different type of tune that still fits into the alt-blue tone of the EP. In short, it’s a pretty fantastic EP with four different, but equally well crafted tunes.

The EP is currently streaming on Spotify, along with his previous releases. Check them out, but before you do, check him out on Radio 104.5’s Philly Music Podcast below:

Listen to “Jac with No K talks about being a working musician, songwriting techniques and cheese steaks (+more!)” on Spreaker.

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