Being situated near our beloved Philly and having grown up in New Jersey, I find myself drawn to checking out the local scenes of not only Philly, but also NYC and the surrounding metro areas. One of my recent discoveries, Paul Maged, resides just a bit North of us in that aforementioned city that never sleeps. With upcoming dates in the works, he’ll hopefully come down our way soon, but until then it’s time to dig into his latest EP, Fight to the Death.

Fight to the Death features a variety of sounds and influences that come together in a 6 track rock roll feast. The lead track on the EP, which shared the release’s title, was recently featured a the title music for a UFC event and bears resemblance to what a hair metal band may sound like if filtered through modern rock and power pop influences. It simultaneously would feel at home in the metal aisle of a local record store or on Radio 104.5’s rotation.

In a similar vein, “Nightstalker” follows a similar formula, perhaps borrowing a bit more from the post-hair grunge rock and metal scene. Yet, the tracks on this EP aren’t all metallic inspired rock tracks. Instead, we’re treated to a wide variety of rock and pop styles. “Life Goes By” has a slight hip hop feel and production quality, ultimately feeling more like Barenaked Ladies or Maroon 5 than Poison. “Off in the Distance” is a piano driven rock track with a Queen or, even, Elton John type of inspiration. Whereas, “The Resistance” leans even more into the grunge era of alternative rock. Each track has its own flavor.

Available now on Spotify, the EP is a fantastic rock journey for fans of rock music of all shapes and sizes. As Paul plans his next tour and upcoming live shows, let’s make some noise for him to come join us here in the City of Brotherly Love.

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