Sun Blind’s Luke Eccles Rocks Round Guys Brewing Friday

Sun Blind Live

Longtime Philly music stalwart, Luke Eccles, is performing on Friday night at Round Guys Brewing Company in Lansdale. The fantastic brewery in downtown Lansdale regularly holds shows at their venue, The Underground. The Underground is located at 405 West Main St, right near their Lansdale Brewpub location. Several nights a week, the venue holds events from Movie Nights to band showcases to trivia… and this Friday, they have 3 great singer-songwriters showcasing their goods.

Luke’s band Sun Blind is his latest in a line of several rock outfits and was born from the ashes of Luke’s longtime project Awaking Mercury. On Friday, he’ll be playing a variety of songs from his projects in the classic “a boy and his guitar” style. Having performed for the better part of his life, Luke is writing and performing the most mature music of his life – no longer a youngster, but always remaining hopeful through life’s struggles. Luke’s music regularly highlights the silver linings, love, and hope in ways that so much modern music simply does not. Anytime you see him live, you can expect his heart on full display for the world to see.

Round Guys Show - August 16 2019

Along with a solo set from Eccles, LA based Philly boy Louis Middleton and Gabriele Guma of local rockers StereoTytans will be rocking out with the crowd at The Underground. Guma recently toured on guitar for Lauryn Hill, while Middletown has been playing for years with everyone and their mothers. You’ll get to experience their unique styles, giving this show three distinct voices with varied influences and sounds. For those of us in the burbs, there’s no reason not to head over to Round Guys this weekend… and for those of y’all in the city, take a trip on the Lansdale line up to join us. Besides, what better way to travel than SEPTA when you’re hanging out at a phenomenal brewery and should be driving yourself anyway.

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