HiJinx Recap 2019 !

HiJinx Festival 2019

Pennsylvania Convention Center successfully hosted the Hijinx Festival this past weekend (Dec. 27-28th).

2018 event, which was the first year of the event, was completely sold out, making this year’s tickets in even more high demand! Sold out and held over 20,000 people in the convention center!

People from all over traveled to Philadelphia to see the lights, the artists, hear the bass, and soak in the culture of Philadelphia.

Day 1 fans got hype with Clozee, Griz’s debut of a new Lizzo remix, then mind-blown with Bassnectar and mesmerized by Zedds Dead insane bass and lights!

Day 2 kept the EDM energy alive with Big Wild’s live set, Porter Robinson’s fresh mixes, Skrillex performance !! and Excision + Slander to complete the EDM festival!

Thanking the staff and security for making this a safe area to enjoy both music and vendors.

A huge success for the EDM crowd, especially in the winter time 🙂

Hope to see everyone next year !

please tag @rockonphilly or #rockonphilly when reposting photos !!

Photography by Stephanie DeFeo

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