Rock On Exclusive: Basement Dream Awakes with New Song “The Detainer”

The beginning of 2020 has brought us the return of Rock On Philly featured artist Basement Dream after a two-year period of exploring new projects. New Jersey based songwriter Brandon Linke has re-emerged through his static explorations with a new-found curiosity in the majesty of existence, bringing with him his second new single of the year, “The Detainer”. On the back of his first new tune of the year “How It Made You Feel” and first release since, Linke takes listeners on a Telecaster sonic escapade about unexplainable feelings that warns listeners “The Detainer” is near!

He tells Rock On Philly “”The Detainer” came right after finishing a new album called Solace with the Jackson, New Jersey based rock band, Yellowbird at the end of 2019. That whole process took about two years and it was my first experience in making a full-length record or ever having the attention span to create a long format piece that is cohesive. That experience left me wanting to challenge myself to go through that process all on my own. Once 2020 rolled around, I found myself creating for the sake of creating, ideas were just pouring out of me and instead of “saving them for later” I decided to record everything. “The Detainer” actually began as an attempt to create a Drum & Bass type song, however when adding guitar to it I realized that something was leading me and this song in a totally different direction. I was exploring sensations I’ve felt and soundscapes that those feelings could be trapped in. Therapy through rocking out.”

Listeners can enjoy “The Detainer” and more on Basement Dream’s Bandcamp page as well as on Apple Music, Amazon and Spotify. Linke plans to head right back into the studio with another single from his long time recording project set to debut in the coming months, and will be announcing a performance in March with Yellowbird and Drexel University’s WKDU 91.7FM so stay tuned!

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