Asher Roth Is Back (Kind Of)

It’s been over six years since Asher Roth’s last LP RetroHash, and it was easy to assume the former Bucks County native, drifted away from raps spotlight all together. On Friday, April 23, he made his return to music with Flowers On The Weekend.

The album features Lil Yachty, Buddy, and logii, soulful vocals from Joyce Wrice, CJ Smith, and Gaby Duran. Like RetroHash, this group of guests is kind of all over the place. Which is an ode to Asher and the unique vision he has for his LP’s. But personally I would like to see him approach an LP like he does his mixtapes.

Due to sampling issues that isn’t completely possible. Most rappers release mixtapes specifically because they couldn’t get most of the samples cleared. But it doesn’t change the fact that his LP’s don’t show off his technical abilities like his mixtapes do. And that doesn’t change, with Flowers…

I saw Asher perform at Johnny Brendas in Fishtown about three years back with a few buddies of mine. He brought fans on stage to rap with him. I had a Sixers jacket on so he called me on stage. Also had a few leisurely beers with us after the show.One of the only songs he didn’t perform that night was the one that got him the most famous.

Asher’s whole career has been evolving from the “I Love College” version of himself, that everyone knows so well. And into an artist that wants to be taken more seriously for his technical rapping. He’s certainly done that to a degree with this album. But is it possible for someone to evolve too much?

If it’s one thing Asher will always do with his raps, it’s make you feel good. It’s get to see that hasn’t changed, even though most things do.

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